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Asatte Press, Inc.14 followers4h • 4 hours agoAsatte Press is pleased to announce that leading independent MBSE consultant Olivier CASSE will be co-authoring our upcoming book: SysML for Beginners, Using Cameo Systems Modeler.See: brings to the project more than 30 years of experience with systems for rail, automotive, aerospace/defense, and medical industries.Olivier and Dave have already completed the largest, most difficult chapters covering the trickiest subjects. We are continuing to push hard and expect to have the completed on the market this Fall.Note that we continue to monitor the evolving branding of Dassault Systèmes. It looks like the tool will continue to be available both with the current name of “Cameo Systems Modeler” as well as under the new “CATIA Magic” brand. In any case, this is a beginner book and will work fine for anyone learning SysML modeling with:·       Cameo Systems Modeler·       Cameo Enterprise Architecture·       CATIA Magic·       MagicDraw (with the SysML plugin)

They are there...

since Christmas in 2017

SysML in action with Cameo Systems Modeler

(also available in French)